Faithfulness Matters!

"If a person can be trusted with small things, then he can
also be trusted with big things. If a person is dishonest in
little things, then he will be dishonest in big things too.
If you cannot be trusted with worldly riches, then you will
not be trusted with the true (heavenly) riches."

-- Luke 16:10-11 (ERV)

"It's just a little thing. It won't hurt if I fudge a little, will it?"
Jesus says, "Yes, it will matter." Why? Because integrity is about
faithfulness to our values and our Lord, regardless of the price.
Faithfulness in small things, especially matters involving money,
reveals the truth about our authenticity as disciples. What we do with
a little reveals a great deal about what we will do with much.

Father, help me be a good steward with your blessings. Keep my heart
pure in matters big and small. May my words, actions, and thoughts all
reflect your holy character and your freely-given grace. In Jesus'
name. Amen.
Faithfulness to God remains vital---- even if everyone else is not.
God wants us to stand against sin and to guard our hearts.
Faithfulness in ALL Matters

Dusty brings up a good point when saying that God desires us to be a good steward with what He has entrusted to us.

In Luke 16:1-8, Jesus tells a parable about a man who was squandering his masters possessions. The master asked the man to show proof of his business dealings. The man, knowing that he had dealt in deceitfulness, tried to think of a way to continue his dishonest yet luxurious way of living without becoming a low class worker or begger. He wanted to find favor with his master's debtors so he offered them that their debts be cut in half if they gave a percentage to him. The master, having found out about the man's sly dealings, acknowledged his cleverness yet still had no need for a dishonest servant.

Luke 16:8
"And his master praised the unrighteous manager because he had acted shrewdly; for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light."

The master in this parable commended his dishonest manager for devising a plan to ensure he would be taken care of after he lost his job. As Christians we should be even more resourceful as the manager in this parable was in regards to our eternal life. We definitely need to go hard when dealing with matters of our souls. Always thinking of new ways to feed and nurture ourselves or others. If those of the world can come up with clever ways to enhance their earthly inheritance, shouldn't we as sons of light be able to set ourselves up with an eternal inheritance that is more than we can even imagine?
THankyou believe-cgordon.Yes we should be resourseful and good stewards of what God has given us because He told us if we are faithful in the small things He will entrust us with larger.

Faithfulness is an attribute or quality in the Bible to both God and humans. God is constand and true, faithful in keeping his promises and unchangeable in his ethical nature. God's faithfulness is usually connected with his gracious promises of salvation. Faithful men and women are dependable in fulfilling their responsiblilities and in carrying out their word. Faithfulness is one of the fruits of the Spirit ( Gal 5:22)

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
I just thought of that old hymn that we used to sing " Great is thy faithfulnes oh God my Father " Mroning by morning new mercies we see.

And we always sing of God's faithfulness but what about our faithfulness to God. And I am speaking to myself here. Am I really as faithful as I should be .? Am I faithful in the reading of His word ? Am I faithful in telling others around me about His mercy and His grace?Am I a good steward of the blessings that He has bestowed upon me ? Am I loving and forgiving ?Do I harbour bitterness? Do I love my neibour as myself? Am I a peacemaker ? I guess I could go on and on and so it is good to take invevtory of ourselves to see if God would be pleased with our faithfulness to Him.