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Where do all these computer viruses come from anyway? What sort of a sick mind would intentionally mess up the computer data of others?

John Norstad, a Northwestern University systems engineer and computer guru who invented "Disinfect," a software program that protects computers from viruses, once discovered the source of many of the computer viruses. In an interview with writer Peter Gorner, Norstad said: I went to a conference in Europe in 1992 and met most of my counterparts in the PC anti-viral community. One fellow was a Bulgarian who told us about the Bulgarian virus-writing factory.

Evidently, during the Communist heyday, the KGB trained and paid PC programmers to break Western copy-protected schemes. It was an official piracy program. Then, when the government fell in Bulgaria, all these people were out of work and bitter. So they formed virus-writing clubs and set about infecting the PC community world-wide. A significant percentage of the PC viruses came out of a group of disaffected hackers who had formerly worked for the Communists.

Computer viruses are a lot like false teachings about God and morality: they destroy what is valuable. Where do all the false teachings come from? According to the apostle Paul, many come from a group of malicious spirits called demons. They intentionally pump error into the world to deceive and destroy people.

Deceiving Spirits, Deception, Demons, Satan
John 8:44; 1 Tim. 4:1