Favorite Christian Movies?

We have actually watched a few this past weekend - it was raining virtually constantly this whole weekend at the coast.
Face the giants - best of the three for me.
Enjoyed those very much.
We also watched the trilogy of Left behind where Kirk Cameron acted in, from the 2000's.
Although much can be questioned, enjoyable nonetheless.

I definately like these (though the theology of the "left behind" stuff is off).
I would add:
"The Grace Card" (brings me to tears every time)
"Faith Like Potatoes"
I actually had a conversation yesterday with a colleague about Christian movies. While I can think of some pretty good ones, generally, there is a consensus of negativity surrounding them -- usually by other Christians. Not so much on what message is intended to be expressed, but by the way the story is being presented.

He sent me this article.

I'd love to hear your honest thoughts. Remember, this isn't an attack on Christianity (otherwise I wouldn't even begin to bring this up) -- it's a critique of movies. It's not blasphemous to critique movies.
There are a lot of movies that are not even close to what the Bible is saying. So with this in mind, I do not watch a lot of the " Hollywood " movies that try to change what the Bible is actually saying.
Noah was terrible.
It was like watching Lord of the Rings I really thought those trees were going to fight each other.
I just watched a short clip of Noah on YouTube and although it was quite dramatic and visually impressive it was rather scripturally inaccurate.
If I made a movie of Noah I would definitely have more screen time with the animals.
That movie just had Noah putting them to sleep straightaway. Then it rained. And rained. And rained.
I imagine Noah would have plenty of interactions with the animals and his wife prolly fussing over them. I don't know what all that drama about Tubal Cain was in the movie...that wasn't in the Bible.
Noah was also probably counting the days...that didn't happen in the movie.
Well, I could pick it to pieces I suppose but I was just disappointed. God didn't even figure much, which is weird, considering, God told Noah to build the ark and gave him explicit instructions.