Fellowship, With People?

Aug 19, 2014
generally I love people, I find people interesting,
their stories of their lives, how each one comes from such diverse backgrounds.
But when we get in a room with one another,
some people you get on really well with, others not so well,
and you have MEN and WOMEN in the one room/hall and over time people can be TOO CLOSE.
SO, men should keep to men groups and women to women groups.
After church I make an effort to talk to others,
because I see a lot of lonely people and a lot of immature Christians who don't want to reach out,
we feel shy as if to talk to one another was another sin.
In fact the half hour after church when we have a cup of coffee and biscuit or cake
is as critical to a church body as the service itself.
Don't run away home, reach out.
If you DON'T talk to that guy in the corner, well, that's Jesus your ignoring. i'm not saying go home with
them or make up the spare room, just talk.
and if you do get on with someone, why not go to the movies.
Last week a half dozen of the guys in our church went to see expendables three,
a few weeks before that a dozen or so went camping.
We have a multi racial church so communication is sometimes harder.
Don't think about the missionary field, its three yards away after the service.
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