Finally I'm posting a welcome message!

Finally I'm posting a welcome message!

It just dawned on me that I had never posted here on the New Members Welcome board so thought I'd better right the wrong.

I've been around for quite a few years (62 to be exact) and getting ready for my second retirement (though probably not my last). My DW and I currently live in Visalia, CA where we manage a large self-storage facility. Crazy hours and work days are starting to take their toll however and we're thinking of retiring next fall (2010). We're torn between Oregon and Missouri for our retirement home but our financial status will determine which.

Grew up in the church, which isn't to say I've been a follower of Christ my whole life, but I've always felt His presence in my life and He's been VERY good to us.

Our goal is to retire and devote our remaining years to Christian service in whatever capacity He leads. We're actually hoping to do quite a bit of mission work throughout the US.

Our next retirement will be from this world into life everlasting with our Lord in Heaven. Praise His name!

Thanks for your time and God Bless each and every one of you. You are a wonderful group of people.


A very large retro-active welcome to you my brother!:D


Jul 27, 2007
Cool ... Nik .... Thanks for that testimony . I love the hear what others are doing and what they are doing for the Lord . That's awesome brother . May you the MRS enjoy a long and happy retirememt.

I always say . I have retired from my earthly job but stll have not retired from what Jesus has for me to do .