Finding God in all the wrong places?

Finding God in all the wrong places?

Have you ever watched a show, gone to the movies, or listened to a song, that was definetly not meant to be spiritually related, yet you felt the presence of God?

I know this might sound totally bad but.... I'm not going to say I don't ever listen to secular music or watch R rated movies. So I won't pretend to be a goody goody in that respect. But I have found it rather ironic that the movie Dogma, at least in my eyes, lifted God up. I know that sounds crazy since the movie drops the F-bomb a million times and tries to be very offensive towards religion. Also the movie Pulp Fiction, (I know I know, where's the yard stick), in the final scene where one of the main characters who is a gangster hit man of sorts, reveals he's witnessed a miracle and should be dead. So he decides to change his life.

Anywho, I thought I would share that.


Indeed. All day at work He was talking to me through secular music. Giving me hope and speaking all kinds of truth and motivation. It was surprising there was so much truth in that music, it was just put into an impure context by the artist, with no glory to God. But the Holy Spirit makes it whatever He wants it to be. ;)