firefox 3 amazing add-on!

firefox 3 amazing add-on!

There's this free new update for the add-on called Cooliris for firefox 3.. I don't want to describe it because it's just amazing LOL I'll let you try it out, please don't worry if you don't like it you can simply remove it =)
it's just so amazing :D!
i love that we can watch tv shows also =D but I can't yet in Canada but you guys in USA can :mad::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::p:p

this is the main website:
Cooliris | Discover More

but please download from here as it's newer version I believe 1.85. while website says 1.83
I'm using 1.85.

how do you guys like it =D?


Is this another toolbar? They always want to take up my monitor space.:p
it's not a toolbar Larryyyy :D It only takes one small button that you click on either when there's a picture or video, or simply on top right of your toolbar. it's a nice fancy button too =D

when it lights up it means that the website uses the program.
give it a try I simply love it =D

it's 3D and it's just amazing how it feels like a whole new program yet it's embedded (if that's the word xD) in firefox =D