Daniel, you may or may not be aware of this...
Kirk Cameron's wife was in that movie.

The woman who played Catherine, (Caleb's wife) in the movie, is not his wife.

But the scene at the end, where they kiss, and are backlit by the sun.
That was his real wife in real life.

When they were making that movie, and it called for a kiss, Kirk Cameron refused to kiss anyone other than his real wife, and so they shot that scene in such a way that she could stand in in place of the actress.

Everything about that film is based on the sanctity of marriage in accordance with what God ordained. Even the protection of that sanctity by the actors themselves in the making of the film.

I believe that is why God has so richly blessed their efforts.
I did actually look at the credits to see if that was his wife. I did not look at them long enough to see that she was in the movie.

I think anyone who watches that movie will get something spiritual out of it. They definatly did a great job with it and you can tell as you watch that they paid attention to keeping the movie within Gods truth.

I think the last time I cried during a movie was when I was 10 lol.

I wonder if Kurt will make more movies. I do hope that he does. He has a great gift.
I think the last time I cried during a movie was when I was 10 lol.

I was on the radio with him in an interview several months ago and I told him that the "Cross Scene" where he was ranting about "How much more can I continue to give when I don't get the respect I deserve...and On and On.." "How long can you continue to love someone when they won't love you back???"

And his father just looked up at that empty cross, I told him that right there, I completely broke down, in fact it makes me teary eyed just typing it right now.

Mr. Cameron told me that that scene was his personal favorite as well, He believed that that scene in and of itself, did a fantastic job of teaching Gods Grace.

I wonder if Kurt will make more movies. I do hope that he does. He has a great gift.
I think we can all look forward to that. This is one of their most effective methods of outreach, I can't imagine any reason they would not continue along this path.
(Even though Kirk and I don't see eye to eye theologically.) :D
yes that was the scene that started my eyes going as well. And then a bunch more after that. I thought it was awesome that the dad said nothing. He just let em talk his way right into his need for Christ.

He has a bunch of cool videos also where He goes out and witnesses to others. Can you imagine if more famous people believed in Christ and hit the streets.
Has anyone seen this movie. I highly recommend it for married couples. Its very powerful.

Yes, saw it. Awesome story and message. We especially related to the parents in this. Since my husband was a firefighter (forest fires) when he was young he liked that part too. Hope to buy my own copy which is now on sale in Christian bookstores. :)
Our church had a "date night" for married couples, and even invited singles to come see it too. They provided child care too! They provided popcorn, drinks and the movie. Was awesome movie! :)
I recently bought this movie, but have yet to find time for my wife and I to watch it. Everything that I have heard about it has been positive.
In all honesty, I think it is one of the best made movies of all time.
It is indeed! On Tuesday I and some of the other young adults at my church (about 11 people altogether) watched this movie. There were a couple of people who hadn't watched it yet. [We had great time, and they all loved it!]

Personally, I've watched it at least 4 times, plus twice with the director's commentary, not to mention the countless times I've seen the outtakes and deleted scenes. :D It's definitely up there with the best movies of all time as far as moral content goes.The movie making and acting is really good as well.

The only minor gripe I have with the movie making is excessive ambient noise. :( You can hear people breathing and sighing a bit too much for my liking. :( It also would've been very beneficial to the storyline if they included the following deleted scenes:

*******Possible spoilers*******

1) the scene when Robyn (the nurse) is over at the Holt's house for pizza with Catherine. This would've explained a) why there wasn't any pizza left when Caleb came home (just prior to the yelling match). I was thinking to my self "Surely Catherine wouldn't be able to finish a WHOLE pizza o_O ". Also, b) that's the part where Catherine mentions that she doesn't want to grow old with Caleb. It would make sense then, when Catherine tells Caleb at the end that she wants to grow old with him. The fact that Caleb heard what Catherine was saying probably had a part to play in why he was so angry at her when he came back [I'm not excusing his anger and shouting BTW]
2) the scene where Caleb gives The Love Dare to Terrell, whose own marriage is on the rocks. This would explain to whom Caleb gives this book. When Caleb's walking with his dad at the end of the movie, he says "I've given it to one of my firemen". I thought "that fireman has gotta be Michael. Being a Christian, Michael can identify with the ideas in The Love Dare". I didn't think that it was Terrell.

Other than that, I'd give it a 5/5. Nothing is perfect lol, but so far, this is Sherwood Picture's best movie.

There are also 2 really cool/amazing/awesome things in the movie.
is that the cross scene takes place exactly at half-way in the movie. The DVD is rated at 119 minutes (including credits), and the possible conversion scene is at 59:30 seconds! :eek: I don't have the DVD playing right now to be able to check, but the half-way point is around 3:55 in this video: [See end of post] ...It makes for a very fitting midpoint! Definitely my favourite scene!!
2): when Caleb and Catherine are running towards each other in the bay of the fire station, they meet exactly at the "1" on the fire truck. That can be seen as an allusion to Genesis 2:24: "... and the two shall become one flesh". In fact, I noticed this during the director's commentary. Alex mentioned this fact, but he said that they did not plan this at all! It was only when editing the movie that they realised what had happened. I quote, " gave us the chills [to see how it turned out]..." :eek:

Apologies for the length of this post. Those are just things I've been thinking about, and I really wanted to share them :D

Edit: I can't post links as I have less than 15 posts, but search on youtube for "fireproof cross" and the video I'm talking about is the first in the search results. The title of the video is "Fireproof | The Cross".

Ahhh, it's so good to get back to posting here after almost two years :D