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Jul 22, 2010
Copyright Issues
Rule 8: Any time that you "quote" someone else's works, you must be certain that there is a Copyright © Waiver or reposting authorization posted in the original source indicating that you can quote all or part of that original author's work. Text of copyright waivers, author permissions or public domain statements from source pages must accompany any copied materials that members post at CFS, at the bottom of the copied post. If you just copy and paste text randomly without regard for the Copyrighting © of that text, you bring liability issues into the equation and we at CFS will take appropriate action to keep infringement issues out of this forum.
Actually the copyright issues are the responsibility of the forum owners as they would be the ones facing legal action if things went that way.
If I post something in breech of copy right, the axe would not fall directly on my neck as the forum owners have a duty of care ? sounds good anyway, nevertheless,
Lookie here:
Just saying
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