First Time

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kimmie Im 26 and have been a Christian for 8 months. A friend told me she recently joined this site and I was highly interested to meet new people and have great loving conversations about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!


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Hiya Kimmie!
Not to sound creepy, but your hair is amazing haha. I want it.
(Sorry - that def sounds like a creeper hahah).

Anyways, welcome to the site :]
I hope you stay and get to know all of us!!!!! :D
HAHAH, thanks for the hair comment...its the Victoria Becham haircut where its long in the front and short in the back....its the best to deal with!!


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Welcome to CFS Kimmie. I know you will like it here. I am the tech guy for any site problems. :D Have a blessed Sunday.
See, my face is too round for that! Haha. I've always had a round face. So I keep my hair long, like past the shoulders!

I have a round face too! I had long hair in HS then cut it to my shoulders in college, then about 1 year ago I cut it to this. Since I have had both long and short hair I feel short hair makes ones face look smaller. You should try it once, its only hair it can grow back, give it a shot.