Pastor Gary said:
Good Old Bill has had his share of things going wrong while taping his shows over the years. In one episode in 1998, he was on 'Kentucky Lake' just west of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was after bass and was casting from about 50 feet off shore towards some old dock pilings and got snagged on one of the logs. While maneuvering his boat in that direction, he reached for his snagged line just as a gust of wind pushed his bass boat back off shore. He lost his balance and went into 5 feet of water - leaving his camera crew laughing so hard that they nearly dropped the camera... but he DID get his snagged spinner bait back... LOL...:)

lol, yes, and as men, when your on a mission like that, it doesn't matter how wet we get.."we got our lure back". :)