This is a prayer inviting God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – to come within us in power, to cleanse and purify our hearts, to transform us into Christ’s likeness, to anoint us to be Christ’s witnesses, to revive our hearts, to help us to have integrity in all we do, to help us to obey the Lord and to follow his leading, and in all this to make us holy vessels fit for service to the King.

Sometimes in the Christian life we can easily become complacent and comfortable with status quo and not really move forward in our walks with the Lord. Our relationship with him becomes stale, and then we begin to falter and to fall back into sinful ways. So, we need the Lord Jesus to revive our hearts, and to make us holy vessels fit for his service. He wants to cleanse our hearts of us just playing church and/or faking our relationships with Christ, and he wants to make us into honest people who show integrity in all we do and say, so that we are fit for his service, and so he can use us for his purposes and for his glory.

Fit for Service / An Original Work / October 5, 2011

Holy Spirit, come within us.
Cleanse our hearts,
and from sin free us.
Make us holy vessels fit
for service to the King.
Fill us with Your love and power.
Anoint us within this hour
To be living witnesses
For Jesus Christ, our King.
Our praise to Him bring.

Father God, our heart’s desire,
Come and speak to us in power.
Revive our hearts to obey You;
Live for You always.
May we love and serve You only,
Walking with You;
Not a phony.
May we always tell the truth,
And show integrity.
Your true servants be.

Jesus, Savior, sanctify us.
Purify our hearts within us;
Be transformed into Your likeness,
Holy unto You.
May we always listen to You
Speaking Your words
Now within us.
May we heed Your counsel to us;
Follow You today.
Do all that You say.