Florida Pastor Plans To Burn Thousands Of Holy Quran

Apr 7, 2014
Florida controversial Pastor Terry Jones as you know has made headlines many times for burning the Islamic Holy Book .
Terry on his way to Polk County Florida was arrested by Police with up-to 2,998 Quran soaked with kerosene , on Sept 11-2013 , twelve years after the attacked on World Trade Center by some Islamic Terrorists.
Last Saturday, Pastor Jones organized a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, he announced plans for 2014 9/11 anniversary , and part of the event will include burning of Qurans .
"We're going to do what we got stopped last year," he said. "We're going to have the burning of 2,998 Qurans."

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The man is a certifiable idiot.
This does nothing but paint Christian fundies as backward intolerant buffoons.
If you want to make a statement about the Quran, point out where it is factually inaccurate and how
it's followers behave badly. Don't stoke the fires of hatred.
I would go with you on that one for sure. The 'Pastor' seems to be doing what most un-educated and extreme individuals do, they attack a fatih based on the actions of a few extremists, militants are in the minority of the Muslim world however, this Pastor will cause a lot of moderate Muslims to hate Christianity, I can't see what he's trying to prove.