Flu Shot Fears

Aug 23, 2007
Queensland Australia
Well I don't know about this article - but from experience I have found having a flu shot always makes me have more illnesses than the years I didn't get one.

I had a boss once who paid for us all to have one - only because she didn't want us having time off!!


Wow! I am so sorry for this poor man. He is in my prayers.


Jul 27, 2007
Moi ..... and that is just me so don't do what I do cause each needs to do what they feel led to do .

I personally do not take the flu shot . Mainly because the sirum that they mix is not always the strain of flu that comes around and why would I put that into my body ?

We have antibodies in our system that we need to build up resistance and they fight disease that come our way. The same thing with all the over the counter antihistimines and cold remedies . They do not cure , they are just a comfort. People have relied too much on all these things .

I had a severe reaction to a med. that they call " tamiflu " when I was working in the hospital because the hospital said I needed to take it or I could not work . I thought I was going to die . I could not lift my head off the pillow for the dizziness.

I was then on compensation for a long time afterwards.

Oops .... sorry for getting on my soapbox.....:D