For Christian Metal Heads

For Christian Metal Heads

I know there seems to be a lot of threads addressing the issue of metal music on this forum, maybe because people have come from past backgrounds enjoying metal, but now find that the market doesn't necessarily cater for them in their new Christian lifestyle.

Well here's the good news. I've found 2 incredible Christian Heavy Metal bands, who even my brother (a very fussy, non-Christian, metaller) says are good, and that says something.

Check them out if you like your heavy metal heavy!

Living Sacrifice

Soul Embraced
I was looking for Living Sacrifice for a while, but the only place I found them is on in the music list. Never found any CDs locally, and I'm lazy enough to not go out of my way to find them.

I used to be a big fan of Vengeance, Deliverance, One Bad Pig
, Altar Boys, and a few others, but it seems that that style of Christian music has faded into the background. The local "Christian Rock" station used to play some great music, and had an hour slot every night where they played hard rock. It was great for finding new music, but over the years they became "safe music", and a lot of what they play isn't even inherently Christian. Right now, I like Deliverance a lot, but Youngside records is bringing more and more Christian Goth , hard Rock and Juggalo music to the scene so I'm a bit stuck on them right now.