For everyone!

Nov 7, 2009
West coast
For everyone!

Father we thank you for today, this is the day that you have made Lord...may we all rejoice and be glad in it. Father we thank you for the many blessings you pour out on all your children....but most of all Lord we thank you for who you are, the one and only true living God whose name is Love! We love you Lord because we want to, it is our hearts desire to love you and to obey you.
Lord we come to you with humble hearts and we ask that you would forgive us our sin as we also forgive those who have sinned against us. We ask Lord that you lead and guide us today, give us strength, courage and wisdom for all we face. May we walk with our hand in yours Lord as you guide us on the path you have chosen for our lives.
Father for those that are ill and in need we ask that you would have mercy and bring you hand of healing and provision. Lord for those that need jobs we ask that doors would be open and favor given to your children. Lord we thank you for these things before we even see them because we trust in you and we have come in faith with no douting. We give you all praise and honor and glory, for you alone Lord are worthy. In the most wonderful and mighty name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour we pray...Amen!

love and blessings to all,
Mar 24, 2009
Mississippi Gulf Coast
In Jesus' precious name.