For the iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full .

Michael Collum

For the iniquity of the Amorites was not yet full .

Genesis 15:16 (King James Version)

16But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

I was listening to the Charles Stanley message Godbe4me posted today about sowing and reaping . And i was thinking sometimes stuff that's in us . well me . needs to come to full growth before God will put it to death . and at that point it's really painful . kinda like brushing your teeth daily vs getting a root canal .

So i guess i would give advice from experience that i wrongly tried to fix it myself . even though it was sowed into me through a traumatic experience that i'm still learning to understand . that part doesn't matter, because God doesn't play the blame game (God is love, Love keeps no record of wrongs, which is why it is so important for judgment sake to not keep record of wrongs) . but He is into taking responsibility . regardless of where it came from . i still fed it .

I fed it by trying to fix it myself . i tried to fix it by using the word of God to torch it to nothing (as it is written in Jeremiah "is not my word a fire? saith the Lord . A fire that breaketh the rocks to pieces?") . which just ended up hurting another human being . but that's an unbelievable story so i won't burden anyone with that right now . and i tried to re-program my mind by applying scripture and applying principles learned from applying scripture and applying those principles .. and this sounds good . and the word is hidden in my heart . and this is good . but i did not take heed of the number two commandment to love my neighbour as myself . and i did not love myself . i was not patient, kind, i kept record of wrongs .. i did not forgive myself even when God had forgiven me as soon as i confessed my sins as 1st John says .

Since God is merciful . remember as James instructs to judge with mercy . especially when you judge/examine yourself . remember also when seeing what needs to change . how far Father has brought you already .

So i would advise to sow of the spirit . because the letter brings death . but the Spirit of God gives life . so my advice is not to flee in terror from the bible (which i did at one point in my life recently) but to begin with the Spirit and let the Spirit of God direct your use of this precious book so that it might be "the power of eternal life to all who believe" in your life also .

God bless you all