Forgiveness versus Unforgiveness

May 25, 2007
Forgiveness versus Unforgiveness

Is there someone in your life who has wronged you? Maybe a family member didn’t treat you right, or a boss was unfair. The Bible tells us that we need to release and forgive others so God can forgive us. If we harbor unforgiveness or bitterness towards anyone, God cannot forgive us. He cannot even hear our prayers. Forgiveness starts with a decision. It doesn’t mean you excuse another person’s behavior; it only means that you are releasing the debt they owe you. Forgiveness puts God in charge of that situation instead of you. A true sign that you have forgiven is that when you think about the other person, or see them somewhere, you are at peace. The Bible says that we should also pray for those who may be against us. Pray that God will change that person’s heart. As you release the debt of others, God will release you, and you will walk in freedom and peace in every area of your life.