Former Witch - turned Christian

Former Witch - turned Christian

I have returned to the Faith of Jesus Christ after a long absence. I spent the last five years of my life involved in Paganism and Wicca. During that time I rejected Jesus, I was guilty of Blasphamy. It says in Mark 3:29 that blasphamy againt the Holy Spirit is unforgivable and I will be damned for all eternity no matter what I do. Is this true? Am I beyond hope?

- Rick
Being religious wasn't going to get you saved in fact it causes many to push away from the true things of God- that is what happened to you- a dead religious expierience will leave you empty and searching - are you born again? Is Jesus now you Lord? Pray this prayer- Jesus thank You that You died for my sins- I accept that your sacrifice was made for me personally - I repent of my old life give me Your righteousness for my sinfullness- come into my heart and be my Lord-thank You for hearing me and thank you that I will never be the same - Amen
Are you born again?- if you have prayed such a prayer He will forgive you and pour out His Spirit upon you-
If so there is nothing in heaven and earth that can wrest you out of His hands- there has never been a man able to save himself we must all trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation, sanctifacation and deliverance- If you say yes to Him He will not let go- In His Name- Larry
Rick - Repent from the heart - just ask Our Father to forgive you for your past, in the name of Jesus Christ, and so it will be done.

Part of what is being discussed in that chapter of Mark hasn't happened yet. It can only take place when one of God's elect, when delivered up before the antichrist after the sixth trump, refuses to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them to witness against Satan. That is the unpardonable sin and frankly, it is my opinion that no one will be guilty of it.

You can refer to Luke 12:11-12 (KJV) as well for some details and also refer to the study listed below by a notable Christian studies group:

Stay in God's Word and know and understand God's message to us as found in the Holy Bible.
Rick, God would not have led you back to him only to damn you.
I am so happy to hear what you have now done.

Then my brother you are not only forgiven but you are now ( and have been) the object of Loves desire- God was willing to pay the ultimate price for you- that is true love and He won't be denied the chance to bring you close to Himself!
Also, not to mention, the heart that has committed a sin against the Holy Spirit would never desire forgiveness to begin with.

There is only one unforgivable sin: unbelief. The soul that has committed such sin as you describe will never turn to God in repentance. They will be hardened and locked out of love. Otherwise God would forgive.

If you desire forgiveness, you most assuredly are forgiven. And not only that, the angels in heaven are rejoicing at your forgiveness and salvation.
Larry, may God's blessings be upon you. May your life be filled with the peace of Christ and all joy fill your heart. May all you do succeed.

God's blessings to you and goodnight.

A big thank you to all who have responded to me thus far.
In the past 2 months upon returning to Christ, I feel more alive,
more free than the years I spent lost in the "New Age", which is
really not anything new, but a rehash of pagan teachings which
could not stand up to the Truth of Christ Jesus.

Peace be with you all,
I am so happy for you Rick- the devil is a counterfieter but nothing can compare to the love we have in Jesus !