Forum rules, your thoughts.



Forum rules, your thoughts.

Hello there,

I came here in the hope of finding intellectual debate, not knowing of the restrictions you had imposed. However, I was a little concerned when I reviewed the regulations regarding one's registration to this site, I found myself pondering the question, "Why?'

Why does one have to proclaim his/her 'faith' to join? Really, I came here looking for a Christian perspective on some questions I had and I wished to discuss your answers. Among other things, I wished to talk about the historicity of Jesus with many of you, though it would be somewhat hipocrytical of me to do so now, as I cannot fully submit my registration - thus denying you your control over what gets said on here (an issue, I may note, that seems to have plagued the Church for centuries, Hence the "Vanini" alias).

I would like to put to you an idea, that instead of hiding from debate and argument - fight, give answers and provide factual reasons for you beliefs. I'll leave you with that, and this small quote from Tom Harpur ...

"The old literalism cannot withstand the probing of modern thought, research and scholarship. What was never history to begin with can't masquerade as history any


You are free to have your opinions as I am free to have mine :D.
I have been on a lot of sites where this type of debate routinely turns into really nasty stuff.
This is not a site for arguing but for encouraging others in Christ. If it does not suit your purpose there are plenty of other sites to choose from.
Have a great day, you are in my prayers,
brother Larry.
While I would not look forward to a debate with someone, why not allow free posting on this 'Answers' board? The process to post here as a unregistered user is very cumbersome. I had a problem and I attempted to post here (before I registered) and it took days to show up. And you cannot just hop in as a registered user either, that takes days or weeks. Imagine you have a tough question or situation you are dealing with, you look for answers and then stumble across this site. You post your thoughts here, sincerely wanting help, and you a get a message saying it has to be approved. Then you wait - an hour later? nothing. A day later? nothing. All the mean while you are struggling with this tough issue that you really need help with. I pray that you would at least make this board a free posting area.