Fostering children


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In my experience I do many visitations to families that foster children. Many of them live productive lives because the parents truly love their foster children. I'm not saying it's all perfect, but with continued nurturing, the children graduate from high school and go on to college with opportunities for scholarship or other funding for tuition. Unfortunately I also ministered to families during those times whose foster children were considered runners, going from home to home.

It was in my heart for my wife and I to foster children some years ago, but the Lord gave me a Word that I'm where He wants me to be and thats tending to the families who already foster children.
Thanks for respomding thats interesting to hear, I supoose there are some children who might run away. Obviously very traumatic for them to be fostered out if their parents arent around or unable to look after them and other family members too.

My friend is a social worker and she says sadly some parents choose drugs over their own children.
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Am reading 'bridge across my sorrows' by Christina Noble. She said her dad was an alcoholic and she dropped out of school and was on the streets when she was eight. He just couldnt provide for the family and drank it all away. Then he died and her mum had to send her children away she just couldnt look after them all.

I just dont understand so many men today dont take responsibilty for their children. I can understand maybe your parents become widowed or both die and then you need to be fostered or in an orphanage but not parents who just abandoned their family and spend all childrens bread on themselves.
Sorry correction the mum died and the dad kept on drinking even after pledging to give it up.

They got put into an orphanage, her dad was even drinking at her mothers wake.
Have been reading some more books about it.

It made me think of how God adopts us (gentiles) into his family although his firstborn is israel. And also how he still cares for his jewish children becuase they are related to Jesus even though they are estranged.

So you could say we can say we are foster children whove been adopted. Some go back to their birth parents but in general thats not a good idea because those birth parents either abandoned, abused or neglected them and cant take them back. Or they willingly gave them up. I think the ones that willingly give their children to the care of the Lord would be christian parents. These ones actually do get to keep their children like they have visitation or custody rights but they appreciate the parenting help from above they are given I suppose. But they should know their children belong to God, that is why everyone must be born again...he changes our birth certificate instead of Father unknown - He writes His name there.