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Feb 15, 2010
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In my experience I do many visitations to families that foster children. Many of them live productive lives because the parents truly love their foster children. I'm not saying it's all perfect, but with continued nurturing, the children graduate from high school and go on to college with opportunities for scholarship or other funding for tuition. Unfortunately I also ministered to families during those times whose foster children were considered runners, going from home to home.

It was in my heart for my wife and I to foster children some years ago, but the Lord gave me a Word that I'm where He wants me to be and thats tending to the families who already foster children.
Thanks for respomding thats interesting to hear, I supoose there are some children who might run away. Obviously very traumatic for them to be fostered out if their parents arent around or unable to look after them and other family members too.

My friend is a social worker and she says sadly some parents choose drugs over their own children.
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Am reading 'bridge across my sorrows' by Christina Noble. She said her dad was an alcoholic and she dropped out of school and was on the streets when she was eight. He just couldnt provide for the family and drank it all away. Then he died and her mum had to send her children away she just couldnt look after them all.

I just dont understand so many men today dont take responsibilty for their children. I can understand maybe your parents become widowed or both die and then you need to be fostered or in an orphanage but not parents who just abandoned their family and spend all childrens bread on themselves.
Have been reading some more books about it.

It made me think of how God adopts us (gentiles) into his family although his firstborn is israel. And also how he still cares for his jewish children becuase they are related to Jesus even though they are estranged.

So you could say we can say we are foster children whove been adopted. Some go back to their birth parents but in general thats not a good idea because those birth parents either abandoned, abused or neglected them and cant take them back. Or they willingly gave them up. I think the ones that willingly give their children to the care of the Lord would be christian parents. These ones actually do get to keep their children like they have visitation or custody rights but they appreciate the parenting help from above they are given I suppose. But they should know their children belong to God, that is why everyone must be born again...he changes our birth certificate instead of Father unknown - He writes His name there.
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Jan 8, 2017
Was thinking on this, does anyone here do it? Or were fostered themselves? Can you share your experiences?
I was in a foster home for a while, around the age of 14 or 15. It was a very sweet, rather large family. It was the first time in my life that I was able to see how a "real" family was supposed to be. It was an amazing blessing for me. People who do this, and truly put their hearts into it, make such a great impact.
Feb 7, 2015
Dear my Sister Lanolin,
Just thinking about you and this thread and i found myself thinking on some things so I check to see.

This might just be a very good way to get into something like this and even see if it makes sense for you.

Big brothers and sisters find your place new Zealand. Click here

Big Brothers and sisters Christchurch mentoring program. Click Hear

Blessings to you
I remember they had it down in Hamilton as a workmate was involved in it he was adopted....sadly was killed in a hit and run, instead of flowers his adopted parents chose this charity to donate to - but just checking they now want to launch in Auckland. Thanks for the link!

I am going to ask if they need helpers. My social worker friend is looking for work and this might be something she could be involved in. Another friend wanted to do something after her brother died.
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Feb 7, 2017
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I fostered for two years my wife's niece and nephew while the parents were in rehab. They were on the streets and one was in and out of jail but it was a wonderful experience being able to teach them about God and watching them grow! I know they will remember me because I was their favorite lol shhh you didn't hear me say that because the wife will kill me lol I was thinking of being a teacher ( preschool teacher ) but also praying about where God wants me in child care because I picture myself opening up a foster care facility and I just want to be able to take in as many kids as I can and be able to show them love and affection and being that positive role model. Those kids that feel alone in the world, the ones without fathers or mothers, the adolescent ones who feel there is no hope.. I want to show them true love because I have a big heart and I love all children and animals! I used to get made fun of by the guys but now all my male friends think it's pretty cool and different that I am going into childcare because society does discriminate against men working in that field! But I feel it's a calling for me and I've spent years doing construction jobs that my back can't handle it anymore and my knees are screwed.. and besides I have to find a doctor to do the surgery on my complicated broken shoulder. Nothing comes easy in my life lol but what's complicated to us is nothing to God!
I told my friend about the Big Brother sister organisation and she sounded interested.
I should fwd the link.

I never had a big brother, but I had a big sister although she was kind of bossy and wasnt all that interested in me. I was just the annoying little sister. I dont really remember having any positive role models growing up, and even mentoring, which I asked for a while was like I had to do all the work for that which consisted of appointed meetings with an elder and having chats about what I was going to do with my life but how could you when you had to find your own job and do your own search as nobody was ever going to give you a break. But it looks like this isnt that kind of useless so-called mentoring. I mèan I suppose they tried to be positive in thinking they were just giving me the time of day but in generally found they were negative and critical like you cant do this or that and not really encouraging me to grow just be put in your place really. I dont know where this attitude come from, but it can really crush a young person.

Besides now have Jesus as a big brother, so am happy. I dont know if others ever felt so alone in the world as I did like I couldnt talk to elders cos they are of a generation removed and dont really understand what it is like growing up in today's world.
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May 1, 2017
Was thinking on this, does anyone here do it? Or were fostered themselves? Can you share your experiences?
My church supports Foster care programs. We work with locals in our area and we help minister to the families and the children. It can be difficult, but a blessing, too. I would definitely pray about it and let God lead you. Bob is correct. You have to be led into any type of ministry work. Seek God and see if this is what he wants you to do. If it's not this, he will show you what he does want you to do.
Im not led to it, have other things God wants me to do but thinking of my friend who does social work and looking for work, I did email the big brothers and sisters but they dont have anything at this time.
Shes finding it tough because shes just on a casual contract and its just hard to pay bills etc and live on causal work. She wants to work full time.

I think you need to have your own home if you want to foster anyone, and I dont, so its not for me. A wonderful thing to do though..if you have the means.
My workmate says he was fostered as a child. Its interesting talking to him, his biological parents couldnt look after him, had him really young, so he became a ward of the state, and also got scholarships for his education. He calls his foster parents mum and dad. He says matter of factly that his biological mother was evil meaning she wasnt even his mother since she basically abandoned him.
I found a memoir on what it was like to be a foster child. The sad thing about that story was this child was put into so many homes because his biological parents refused to let him be adopted, but they never took care of him either, (both were addict and had mental healh issues) so he went from place to place in about 30 homes until he turned 18 and was legally emancipated I suppose that is the term.

Good news though he survived and became a social worker himself. Some shocking stories though about some of the abuse and maltreatment he recieved, but then again many foster children act out or run away because they had been hurt in another place by the houseparents or their own children can also be bullies. I think as long as the foster parents are loving and make sure the child is safe thats the main thing cos nothing worse than these children being abused or molested while in the care of the state. The social workers really need to be vigilant and check.