Free photo program


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Free photo program

I need some of your help.

I want to help my friend who wants to learn to work with pictures, but she doesn't have any program for it. I use Photoshop myself, but it's not free.

Maybe you know some free and easy in use program for work with photos and pictures.
Please, let me know...

God bless you!
If you're looking for free photo manipulation and digital imaging software similar to Photoshop, then the best one that I have come across is GIMP or GIMPSHOP. You can download them at Its not AS versitile or pwerful as Photoshop, but for the price(free) it's the best out there.
For learning purposes, your friend may want to start out with something a little easier to learn, like Photofiltre(not a typo) to get used to using some of the basic tools and filters. There are also some good morphing and animations software out there that let you use them on a free trial basis.
Gimp is available for windows also. you can get it for mac,windows,linux.
I have used it on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Their plug in registry is great. lot of plugins for freee.. did I say all of that is FREE. Yup that's right free.