Free Witnessing Tool For Christians!

Free Witnessing Tool For Christians!

I was hoping to get this website sent out to as many people as possible, so at the risk of sounding like one of those annoying chain letters you get in your email ... I NEED YOUR HELP GETTING THIS OUT! (Thanks to the forum administrators who allowed this posting to reach others!)

The website was intended to be a tool that can be used if a witnessing encounter is cut short, or for those situations when you are not able to share the Gospel with someone you know. The concept for the website was intended for you (The Christian) to send out the link to as many people as possible, whether it be through facebook, myspace, or whatever method you choose simply asking the question: "Seeking The Truth?" with the website address listed below.

I realize this may annoy some of the people on your email list, but if you agree with what is said on the webpage it can be an extremely effective tool for an unsaved person. As you can see, when the person arrives at the website they will immediately read a short three page quiz that will eventually share the gospel with them, and if (Lord willing) as a result they become saved, there are a number of links to various Ministries as well as a contact page in case they have any further questions. This website is an ideal tool for any Christian who has a hard time speaking to people in public or witnessing to friends or family.

Thanks for your help everyone!

God Bless!

Joel Michel Reed