Fringe on Fox

I've been watching it since day 1 because of the leading character. But I was just so glad that Walter, a believer in science and, perhaps, a bit new age-ish stuff, went to pray inside a Christian chapel, opened up to the Cross and admitted that God was the only one who could save "his" world (in the series). I was surprised to see that though but I'm happy because he is one of those good characters in the series. :) It may be the last but, at least, that episode showed the Cross.

We are about to watch the latest episode online....later!


Fringe is one of the more tasteful TV shows these days. It's not a Christian show, but it's also not hostile to Christianity and good values, unlike most shows these days.

If you like Fringe, another good show that is not hostile to Christianity and good values is Falling Skies (currently out-of-season). The expensive Terra Nova is very clean. But, so far, it hasn't recognized the existence of Christianity, and the dialogue uninteresting.

Meanwhile, I just read that the Playboy Club has been cancelled after just three episodes Apparently, insisting that being a Bunny waitress is female empowerment just wasn't convincing, and the homosexual regular characters in fake heterosexual relationships just felt too heavy-handed. Granted, it's not sci-fi, but the setting was 1961, like an episode of Star Trek TOS.