From a friend

From: paul marriott

Judgement Day
There came up a man who said of his life
"O Lord, did you see how I won in the strife.
The miracles done and the demons cast out.
So many got saved as I raised a great shout!"
The lord then replied,"Man ,you I don't know!
Your deeds were all pride so out you must go!"

Another came forth and knelt herself down.
Said "Lord I didn't do much but now my life's done.
O Lord you were kind and helped me along;
I love you so much! Let me sing you a song."
The lord then replied,"My dearest! My dove!
You're welcome! Come in! Rejoice in my love!"
Pride can get in the way so easily. We don't even see it sometimes before it just takes us over. Jesus, however, looks on our hearts, and sees exactly why we do what we do, and judges accordingly. We see this a lot in disaster relief, where people are so very grateful for the work being done, and give pats on the back for people coming. It has the ability to change the hearts of those who start out serving the Lord, to serving self and becoming puffed up. Thank you for the reminder to do all that I do as for Christ, rather than for self.
Simple, yet profound. Really spoke to me and gave me some hope.