From Russia with love

Hello everyone. My name is Nikita and I from Russia. I work as a singer in the Orthodox Church. Although, the word "work" is a bit not correct. Rather, I get a donation for singing during the service. And that, for some, the only way to somehow survive. Some of you know that now in Russia difficult times: the financial crisis, the collapse of our national currency, inflation, and so on and so forth . Of course this primarily reflects back on us, the ordinary citizens. If I used to working as a singer, earned 500 euros a month, now I get about 230, and it will be even worse and harder. But we do not despair, because Russian people are very patient))) And I believe that someday things will change for the better. Well, it's not be about sad))) I mentioned that I work as a singer. And besides work in the Church, I am a member of the professional male vocal Quartet "L0DIA". And maybe I have something you may find interesting is an audio CD of our staff with very unusual music. On the CD compiled very rare, even for Russia, material. This ancient, forgotten folk songs of the North, Cossack songs, also sounds a special kind of Russian songs spiritual poetry (Spiritual verse is a musical genre that falls somewhere between traditional songs and spiritual music. Christian stories and texts put on folk music).
All tracks performed by four acapella. And some tracks we are joined such ancient instruments – harp, hurdy-gurdy(Hurdy-Gurdy) and dumbek.
Here's a little video from our performance on Yotube (I hope it is not against the forum rules):
Listen for yourself, it really is a very quality and unusual choral music. All the best and happy listening.
Welcome!!! :D

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I loved the video! I really enjoy a cappella as to me it's more like God's music via man. Sort of like when God said to build an altar with only without hewed stones. Natural. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed it! I do hope things get better for you. I'll be praying for you.