Gal 4:15-20

Galatians 4:15-20
King James Version (KJV)
15 Where is then the blessedness ye spake of? for I bear you record, that, if it had been possible, ye would have plucked out your own eyes, and have given them to me.
16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?
17 They zealously affect you, but not well; yea, they would exclude you, that ye might affect them.
18 But it is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing, and not only when I am present with you.
19 My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,
20 I desire to be present with you now, and to change my voice; for I stand in doubt of you.
Galatians 4:15-20
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
15 What happened to this sense of being blessed you had? For I testify to you that, if possible, you would have torn out your eyes and given them to me. 16 Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? 17 They are enthusiastic about you, but not for any good. Instead, they want to isolate you so you will be enthusiastic about them. 18 Now it is always good to be enthusiastic about good—and not just when I am with you. 19 My children, I am again suffering labor pains for you until Christ is formed in you. 20 I would like to be with you right now and change my tone of voice, because I don’t know what to do about you.
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
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These are my thoughts please share yours.

15 Sometimes weas believers start be to be ungrateful because of the world attacking us. We start to take people fo granted over time as well. We should remain thankful and caring towards other believers andtowardsthe world, that way hey gospel can be best spread and recieved. We should be willingto sacrifce for other believers because of lovewehve in Chrit.

16 The world hates the truth but, his sould not stop us frm spreadingthe truth which is His word. Today many believers want to water down he truth to make itmore apealing o te world but, this is wrong and sinful. The gospel is not easy at times but it is true. Today people want others to believe there is truth, they believe truth is relative but it is exact and is God's word.

17 For believers to see a church fellowship as outcast is something that no one wants hear. Today it is like being informed, that people do not like your church. For example people are happy to hear " oh you go there I heard about them, they do good." We do not want to hear "oh you go to church there" but, this is what the people may have been saying about Galatian church. Paul was warnin them because he cared about them, he was not passing judgemet on them.

18 The church here focused to much on Paul, while Paul was with them they did alot of good but as soon as Paul left they started to move back to where the were before hand. To many time we focus on man and not God and this will lead us away from he Lord.

19-20 Paul was grieved by their actions andthey needed Jesus to change their ways andgo back to the Lord and serve Him.