Gardening as a hobby

Gardening as a hobby

I love to grow things. Actually I like to plant them and watch the Lord grow them. I love to take care of His creation. Over the last several months I have really gotten into cactus and succulents and I grow many varieties in my home.

I recently started collecting less comon types and odd ones that not everyone has. It has been a really interesting and soothing hobby. If you get a chacne do a google search on Adeniums. I just started to grow some adeniums from seed. In fact my babies are only about a week old now and they are sooooo cute :smiley10:

Well I just wanted to share one way that the Lord has blessed me in giving me somthing that brings me joy and is so relaxing to me to work with my plants and to just watch the Lord in all His glory.

AMEN sister!!! God gives us many joys and comforts. It is a blessing when we realize they are from God.

Thanks for sharing

Those adeniums are very pretty. Hope you continue to enjoy growing beautiful plants. I grow a few plants that are low maintenance. Are the adeniums low maintenance? I've been thinking of growing some succulents.
I started gardening as a hobby but with the way things are now finances and the fact I was laid off from my job the food I grow helps out. My neighbors here in the apartments are doing the same thing and there is talk of a community garden that we all can benefit from.
I garden for my family's health. We grow everything we can to eat. In the winter, a pasttime is drawing up where everything should go. Love thatG90 corn!
I'm really into gardening! My husband and I just moved into our new house and we're really excited to get one started this year. We had a beautiful garden last year and the harvest was amazing. Do any of you freeze some of your crop? I'm going to try that this year since I couldn't even give away all that we had!
We freeze a fair bit. Apple juice, blackcurrant cordial, raspberry sauce, stewed apple, gooseberries, raspberries, etc. for pies and crumbles. runner beans, cabbage (I think that came from next door though), cooked spinach and chard, ratatouille mixes (may have tomato, onion, garlic, etc. in from garden)...
I grow and dry CHILI'S just look hehehelolol among other things. I got enough to keep me hot all winter long. Who needs a furnace?

I love to grow the garden every year. It's amazing what you can do with dirt and some seeds, of course you do need SUNSHINE sometimes to make them grow which i don't get too much of up here in the NW.
I usually use a green house.