Gather At the River

Gather At the River

One of my current favorites - has a message that really speaks to me.

Gather At the River

Words and Music by Joel Lindsey & Regie Hamm

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
We don't agree, we don't know why
But Jesus prayed that we'd be one
So for the sake of God's own Son
Can we put away our differences
Lay down our pride
I think it's time we start turning the tide

Shall we gather at the river of forgiveness
Come together at the waters of love
Flowing like a fountain from the mercy giver
Shall we gather at the river

We have all made enemies of
The ones we're called by Christ to love
But there's redemption at the riverside
The water's deep, the water's wide
It can wash away our bitterness
The current is strong
I think we've been out in the desert too long

(Repeat Chorus)

We can wade into the middle
Where the healing waters flow
It only takes a little
To heal a wounded soul
It will only bring us closer
Than we've ever been before
This is just what Jesus was praying for

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I haven't heard that song in a while. It was like a breath of fresh air! Thanks brother.

Let's make that songs as it keeps going!