G'day from Oz

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G'day from Oz

G'day Everyone.

I'm new to this forum, so I thought I'd better introduce myself. As you will have guessed from the title of this post, I'm from Australia. (Any other Aussies here?) I live in a tiny country town in Victoria, the southernmost mainland state on the east of Oz, but at the time of writing this I am visiting Queensland, around 2000 km north of my home (and considerably warmer, which is nice as it is the middle of winter here.)

I won't tell you my age, but on my way up here I stopped at a town where I lived for a while when I was a kid. Got to reminiscing a bit, then was struck by the frightening thought - "Good grief, that was 50 years ago!" Who stole all that time?????

I have two adult sons and five grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 14. Unfortunately I don't get to see them often, because my younger son and his family live up here, and my elder son and his family live just south of Sydney, which is still around 1000 km from where I am.

I head up a ministry organization, write a fair bit (God and my Associate Minister are always nagging me to write more) and spend a ridiculous amount of time on the computer. I'm something of a workaholic, but when I do take time off I like to draw, read, knit, or do crafty things.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.




Welcome to CFS Lynn I think you will feel right at home here! BTW the Administrator is an Aussie!:D
Welcome to the Site, Lynn. I'm a grandpa of four--aged 6-13. They're about 1,200 miles from me. Traveling is something I dislike doing and can't afford it anyway. I haven't seen them in nearly three years.
Welcome to CFS Lynn, I hope you enjoy it here. We strive to become a friendly, Christians-only forum to allow relaxing discussions between believers. :D

Please make sure to:

- Read the rules and regulations - CFS is strictly moderated
- If you are new to using forums, view the New Member's Survival Guide if so
- If you have a need for a Q & A, do not be afraid to ask for help - the moderators and admins are here to help you in any situation.

Enjoy! ;)

God bless



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Welcome to the forum, Lynn! We are so glad you are here! There is another Aussie by the name of Bondman here. Due to health reasons, he sticks to one or two threads. He would love it if you could pop into the Inner Room sometime and give him a shout!
Wow, thanks for the welcome everyone! I think I'm really going to enjoy the fellowship here.

Ausgirl, I'm actually in Qld at the moment - combined ministry trip and catching up with family. I moved from the Gold Coast to a tiny country town in Vic 3 years ago - quite a culture shock!

Fluffy, I'll certainly pop in to the Inner Room and say hello to Bondman.

blessings to all

Hi Univac.
It was freezing when I left down there at the beginning of June. Up here I've been in short sleeves most of the time. I start heading back next Friday, and even though I'll be going back to the cold, I'm really looking forward to getting back to my own bed, my own computer and my own kitchen - and getting back to work!
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