Genesis 5

Read Genesis 5. Boooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnggggg. Until we look at the meaning of the names.

Adam = mankind, Seth = appointed to, Enos = frail mortality, Cainan = a fixed dwelling place, Mahaleleel = God who is praised, Jared = comes down, descend, Enoch = to instruct, train up, Methuselah = a man sent forth, Lamech = be beaten, tortured, Noah = bring rest, a quiet peace

So what does this mean?

Mankind is appointed to a frail mortality in a fixed dwelling place. God who is praised comes down to instruct as a man sent forth to be beaten and tortured bringing rest, a quiet peace.

As you can see, God's redemptive plan was already in the works. Just a golden nugget I thought I would share if you haven't seen this before, or hasn't been posted here. Look it up yourself, slight variations with the meaning of the names, but God put the intent in there. His Word is truly living and breathing.