Getting Away From Pagan Holidays...?

I know it says in the Bible that Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua is the same is the same yesterday and today and forever. So why would we offend Him by celebrating Pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter? I would like what believers feel about this topic. I know Jesus and G_d the Father was against pagan gods and worship of graven image. Santa and the Easter bunny is a graven image that is attached to Christmas and Easter. Though we are not worshipping them, our children are. It takes away from G_d and I personally believe it is idolatry.

Passover is a Jewish celebrating and Christian, but Christians don't celebrate the Passover sedar. I often wondered why we didn't if we are grafted in the vine. To become a Hebrew/Jew like Jesus was and observe all that is instructed too. This is all new to me and for years this topic has bothered me.

Hope I can get some good responses back. I ask these questions in Love... Shalom
I think we covered this a few months back ..
to me, God promised to send a Savior, and He also said He (God) is the only Savior ..
so I feel celebrating Christmas (no matter the date) is akin to the shepherds and magi bearing witness/celebrating the arrival of the Messiah/Savior ..
therefore Santa and Christmas trees should be cut loose ..
the same holds true with what is called Easter .. those things that do not reflect bearing witness/celebrating God making good on His promise (death and resurrection) and making salvation available should also be cut loose ..

I also feel by celebrating both ends of the promise being fulfilled is a testimony of faith ..

BTW: Passover (from death to life) is Jewish and of the flesh (and was done by blood of an animal on the doorpost) .. our Passover as a Christian, is spiritual (and was done with God's own blood) .. hence our Passover is enacted by an acceptance of Jesus, His death, and His resurrection ..

God Bless you ..


1Co 10:29 Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man's conscience?
1Co 10:29 Conscience, I say, not thine own, but of the other: for why is my liberty judged of another man's conscience?

the 1st Christmas in America ..
The Plymouth Pilgrims put their loathing for the day into practice in 1620 when they spent their first Christmas Day in the New World building their first structure in the New World – thus demonstrating their complete contempt for the day.

December 25, 1621, Governor William Bradford led a work detail into the forest and discovered some recent arrivals among the crew had scruples about working on the day.

Bradford noted in his history of the colony, Of Plymouth Plantation:
"On the day called Christmas Day, the Governor called [the settlers] out to work as was usual. However, the most of this new company excused themselves and said it went against their consciences to work on that day. So the Governor told them that if they made it [a] matter of conscience, he would spare them till they were better informed; so he led away the rest and left them."

When the Governor and his crew returned home at noon they discovered those left behind playing stool-ball, pitching the bar, and pursuing other sports. Bradford confiscated their implements, reprimanded them, forbade any further reveling in the streets, and told them their devotion for the day should be confined to their homes.

interesting enough, this same Governor instituted Communism and then after 3 years of starving, recanted and allowed capitalism, to which was very successful and leading to the 1st Thanksgiving .. but no matter how you slice it, promoting Santa and the Easter Bunny are promoting lies .. as to Dec 25, this day was chosen many years by the church before it was used by the Mirtha followers .. as to Easter, the name is pagan and should be referred to as "Resurrection Sunday" .. my 2 cents ..
Hey if some cant celebrate these holidays without relating them to ungodly things? Then don't have any part in them...for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Now some of us have come to understand the liberty we have in Christ and see this things such as pagan names and traditions as just NOTHING that have no power or meaning as it relates to our own conscience which has been purified by faith in Christ. I thankful for holidays, im thankful for times when the world thinks about Christ and His purpose for coming here to save us.
I could eat a ham sandwich right off a offering to a idol..because I bless and I give thanks unto the One True God and know that Christ has made it clean. That dumb idol is nothing, that pagan holiday is nothing to God nor can it hinder His grace toward me.. Just making a point... I don't go and eat from idols... but that's the example that Paul used in scripture.


Amen brother. Do I include Santa in Christmas with my 4 year old. Yep I do, but he knows that Jesus comes first and Santa is just a fat old man that loves to share gifts. My son prays to God every night, not Santa. When I was a pagan I use to celebrate the Sabbath's as a pagan. Believe me, it doesn't include the Easter bunny or Santa. Just because we call nature, Mother Nature doesn't mean we worship a Goddess.