Getting Healed

I was in the best of health, and looked and felt perfect. The only health problem that bothered me was
an allergy to molds and pollen certain times of the year. I had no worries. Then it happened one day when all of a sudden I felt this terrible headache, and I soon collapsed to the floor and my last thought was that this was it and I was dying.

My daughter found me soon after and called an ambulance which brought me to a nearby hospital.
They soon learned that I had suffered a cerebral bleed from an aneurysm in the head that I had no idea that I had. The neurosurgeon made plans for a huge operation, and my wife and relatives started praying for me and asking others including whole churches to also pray. All kinds of Christian churches.

The 8 hour operation went OK, but the prognosis still called for me to soon die or be brain dead. But people still prayed for me and somehow I did not die and even improved slightly. After several weeks
I was released to go home, but I got in the door only with the help of two relatives. People still prayed and laid hands on me and asked for my healing. I slowly improved and the pesty problems with walking and stomach problems and eye problems all improved slowly.

I got my job back, and my drivers license and after 5 years by 2007, all my negatives were disposed of, at least all that I am aware of.

Thanks to all the faithful Protestants and faithful Catholics who prayed for me, and thanks to the wonderful God and the Son Jesus Christ for healing me. It wasn't because I deserved it.

Soon after I was home I started praying for others, and many were helped, especially until my own healing was complete. When we don't have a prayer of a chance, with God there is hope.