Getting Started

Apr 22, 2015
Like in this forum, I am new in faith also. I'm from the Philippines. Before, I am full of confusions about God. There's always confusion in my mind that maybe the things that happen can all explain in science. I'm not an atheist before. But it feels like, I'm almost... I believed there is God but, sometimes, there's a question "Does He really exist". And Praise be the Lord, He did proved me He does. A long story but what important is God is so patient with me. Now even I fall many times into sin, still I believe that His love never change. Pray for me that I may have a change to mind and heart totally convicted and love to Christ.

More about me:
*I'm not fashionable
*I don't have any big worldly dreams
*As of now, my goal to become a true Christian; a true follower of Christ.

Fish Catcher Jim

Feb 7, 2015
Welcome Mary Joy,
It is such an awesome time when God decides to make Him self so real to you that you wonder how you never saw this before. I am looking forward to the fellowship with you and watching as God through His written word and Jesus begins to transform you into the most awesome Mary Joy He could ever think to create.

So relax and join in and lets get His word in you so your faith will grow and grow and grow.
If you have any problems the staff here is very good at helping you out and making things much easier.
Have a very Blessed time


Welcome to CFS Mary Joy,

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