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I'm a relative newcomer to this sort of thing, in fact this is my first ever thread! I thought I would I would play it safe and start with an article I wrote yesterday about gift giving ideas - please be friendly!!

Advice: on Christian Gift Giving

It is commonly accepted by most people (within my cynical social circles) that gift buying is a wholly painful experience, especially when buying for other adults – fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. I recently found myself challenged with purchasing a gift for an old Christian friend of mine.

When you are faced with buying a gift for someone that is uniquely unmaterialistic, it is difficult to fathom what you can do to demonstrate your love for them. My recommendations are made with Christians in mind; from personal experience I have found that gifts relating to belief are those that are appreciated the most, simply because faith is such an integral aspect of what defines a person.

As someone who knows first-hand the inherent trauma that gift seeking may provoke, I take great pleasure in streamlining the process – behold my top 3 recommendations:

1. A Bible: I know…seems a little obvious doesn’t it? A Bible is one of those special objects that are likely to follow you wherever you go, if you are anything like me – you will use your Bible as much as your phone or laptop. So I start my list with what must be the most condescending recommendation of all time, but it can also be one of the most thoughtful and useful. When you are investing in something that you use every day, it is worth investing in quality – everything is victim to wear and tear over time. Buying a keepsake Bible that is bespoke or simply high quality is both practical because of its durability and meaningful because of the associations it will then hold. You can find a unique selection at; I’ve taken the liberty of placing a link above.

2. Religious books: The Bible isn’t the only book that features on this list, I find personally that I am always looking to learn more about Christianity – it is always enlightening to read other interpretations, to learn more about its history and role in different cultures. I found the Winchester Cathedral Shop to contain an interesting selection of these books, I often find myself returning to their site – feel free to follow the link to find their range of Christian gifts, they don’t just do books – useful, should you be seeking further inspiration.

3. Christian Music: When it comes to Christmas, the best means to create an atmosphere of excitement is by playing Christian music. Music is normally a high risk venture as you have to have a good understanding of what your friends enjoy, as well as what it is that they already have in their library. However, music is a passionate and poetic means to express belief – Christmas wouldn’t feel the same without it. I actually placed my chosen CD into a hamper, as a gift. Of course it doesn’t have to be a CD you could always buy concert tickets or take them to a festival such as Creation Fest – this is actually free! Follow the link to reach their official site.

A little extra
as well as the above there are a number of options I have yet to explore, other recommendations include: Wall art, films, jewellery, ornaments and charity donations. The possibilities really are endless, and they don’t always have to include spending money. I hope that this article has helped you on your way to finding the perfect gift.

I know that in writing I have missed absolutely loads of creative ideas, that’s one of the side effects of parenthood. Should I have more time at a later date I will extend this article. Should anyone have any more tips please add them to the comments below.
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depends, of course, on what the receiver wants.

Another gift alternative is, a tattoo voucher, which some parlors sell.

Like you say, depends on what you know about the receiver, too. I guess you and your wife are into Bible reading, anyway. (Great photo of you guys, btw.)