God doesn,t tempt anybody


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God doesn,t tempt anybody

and Christ says that God will look after us here ,because we leave to join Jesus.so we do not tempt.
God doesn't tempt us. You're right. But he does give us obstacles to TEST us. I read a scripture about this and I can't seem to remember it. It used the word "tempt," but then I looked it up in other bibles and the word "tempt" meant "test." God does put us through tests so that He can see if we will listen to Him or not. Even though He knows what's in the future and what we're going to do, he wants us to learn!

Okay, I found the scripture, "And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am." -Genesis 22:1 [KJV]

But you just have to look into the context. The word "tempt" means to "test". It's not that God is TEMPTING us to sin. But instead, he's TESTING us.
I don't need to prove you anything (not trying to be rude). So no, I am nto going to give you a list of what He has tested me on just to prove my point. He has put me through many tests. Especially this forgiveness. I'm only going by scriptures. And God does test us on certain things! You can disagree with me, but the scripture says it. He "tempted" Abraham. Tempted = tested! :) :)

Being a Christian doesn't mean life is going to be EASIER. And God puts us through tests to make us a stronger person!

Take care :)
:smiley40: In the model prayer Jesus told the people 'it states
lead us not into temptation ,but deliver us from evil
I believe were to pray :smiley40: and lead us not simply is asking praying ( let me not be self-confident) help me to not be led into testing because my self-confidence which comes from my flesh and not from the spirit , will truly and surely fail :smiley70: because when it states but deliver us from evil , it is saying the traps of evil is more powerful than we can deal with our selves from evil is about satan , for yours is the kingdom is telling us plainly that God has the kingdom and satan is a usurper .

Jesus was tempted of the evil one :smiley80: and he over come satans temptations and we are to pray not to be tested or tempted . If we are then we will need God to deliver us from all evil . God delivers us through the power of the Holy Spirit according to our faith in Jesus Christ and the cross were told in Romans eight :smiley40: we have no power to deliver our selves from the temptations of the evil one , we are to resist and pray to God and by faith know Jesus defeated satan the usurper :smiley40:

God does not tempt us , that is what God delivers us from ,he delivers us from the testing and the temptations of satan :smiley40: