God Gives Knowledge

God Gives Knowledge

I have noticed that ever since I came back to God I have had a very noticable and great increase in knowledge. Not only in the Bible (which i would of course by coming back to God and worshiping) but in all around intelligence all together. Opinions?


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yes you do find the world a bit more backward with things.jesus doesn,t like nicolations,please correct my spelling.lots are called after the name.and also the name cain.nicotine,cocaine,hurricain.nicotine is a good example they cause the bad,then in the uk at the moment they try to look like the cure with nicorette patches.in this world we live in they cause the problems then try to look righteous by fixing them.:jesus-sign:


Well, I think God helps us with our self confidence when we are proud to follow him.
Self confidence helps us in opening our minds up to knowledge.
I surely know it is true.

At school I was really really bad at topographic (is that a college in the us or uk?) But Since I read the bible and other 'Christian books' I learn a lot of those countries.

In fact, I started to learn since I am Christian.