God In Your Pocket: A Personal Salvation Manual

God In Your Pocket: A Personal Salvation Manual

Hi. I would like some people to check out my latest book, God in Your Pocket: A Personal Salvation Manual, at my website. Please give me some feedback as to what you think of the contents of the book or of the page suggesting the purchase of the book. I offer the first chapter there as well as the major concepts (all chapter titles) of my entire book.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Doug Mortimer:D
Tagbilaran City
Your book!

:israel: :israel:
A terrific idea. I read through it on pdf, and I think it is perfect for outreaches. I know that I, being the missionary, would certainly distribute it!
Great work!! keep it up!
Blessings in a bundance.
The website for God In Your Pocket has changed...

My e-book is still available for anyone interested, however, the website url is different now. Just email me at (email address removed for security purposes by Moderator. Please contact the poster by PM) and I can give you the website address. Any readers should check it out. The e-book I am selling, entitled God In Your Pocket: A Personal Salvation Manual, is a breakthrough, easy-to-read, yet challenging manual about personal salvation, designed for both non-believers and Christian believers. This guide or "gps" acts as a starter for the non-believer or as a catalyst for the believer, enhancing or improving a believer's commitment to God based on solid principles and a practical, simplistic approach to living a Christian life. It's a must read for anyone wanting to be an effective Christian today in a world that often reduces or destroys righteousness. It's 106 pages in a downloadable, pdf format.

Why not totally commit yourself to living a more righteous life in a world that too often suggests we become unrighteous. Read the first chapter I provide on my website for free. See how my ideas represent a common-sense approach to a personal relationship with God. Just email me so you can sample that 1st chapter. I will email it to you with the link to my website. Then you'll make the best decision, investing in your spiritual life right away, a decision that will positively impact you from this day forward.

Take care, and God bless.

Doug Mortimer

P.S. I am living in San Diego, CA, now, not in the Philippines.:)
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