God is good!!

Just wanted to share a good report my hubby received today. He is a kidney patient, waiting for a kidney and a transplant, and sees his nephrologist every 4-6 months. Today was his visit, and was told that he should be very proud of his numbers, because he is holding his own. It is extremely unusual for a stage 4 kidney patient to not be on dialysis, but he is not. It is also unusual for a patient to have great cholesterol, blood pressure, and creatinine levels, and his are all wonderful. (He has a doctor who keeps telling him that he is in great shape to be in the shape he's in!) God has been so faithful to help hubby through these days of low stamina, and to help this former man of strength to patiently wait on Him. I just really praise Him for His blessings of health...even if it is marginal health, still, it is health so that hubby doesn't have to take the anti-rejection meds several times a day. Thank you, Father!
praise the Lord hallelujah!

very nice! thank you Lord
You are right!! Hubby is getting better every day! (A little too fiesty for his britches right now, though! He keeps wanting to go outside and can't yet, but still, he's better!!)