God Really Does Exist! -Suji Seo


God Really Does Exist!
-Suji Seo, HMU Church-
”Does God really exist?”

With that question in mind, Suji did everything she could to find the answer: prayer, getting the gift of tongues, scientific proofs, etc.…
However, when she faced failure in her life, the entire foundation of her faith was shaken.
She was a good Christian on the outside, but she was filled with rage and complaints towards God.
Her failure led her to the City of Chuncheon. She finally found the answer to her question there.
She found the proof. It was the proof that God had given us: the resurrection of Jesus Christ!!!
Jesus proved Himself to be the Son of God by rising from the dead, and the moment she found out, she realized what kind of a sinner she was.
Watch this 20 minute testimony to find the answer the the question that we have all asked at one point: “Does God really exist?”
God gave us the proof. You don’t have to doubt anymore!!!
God bless you.

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