God works in obvious ways!

God works in obvious ways!

A horrible flood happened in a town and water rose to the rooftops. A man named Herbie found refuge on his rooftop and sat down. Shortly thereafter, a man in a canoe paddled by and asked if he could help the man. "I have faith that the Lord will save me!" replied Herbie. The man in the canoe paddled away.

The flood waters continued to rise and a man in a rowboat came by. He too asked if he could help Herbie off of his roof. Again, Herbie replied "I have faith that the Lord will save me!" The man in the rowboat went on his way.

The floodwaters now were creeping up Herbie's legs. A Hellicopter flew over him and a man shouted down, "We can help you to safety!" Herbie again replied that his faith in God would save him...

The floodwaters finally rose over Herbie's head and he drowned. He rose to heaven and stood before God. Herbie knelt before the Lord and asked, "Lord, I had faith that you would save me from the flood, but you had forsaken me, why?"

The Lord replied, "What do mean, Herbie? I sent a canoe, a rowboat, and a hellicopter!"


That was cool. It applies to our everyday life. God will not come down himself to help, but He sends people to help us