You are a man of many interesting thought brother!
Yes, if we are facing them front on, you are right!
I have a feeling we will know Jesus no matter where he is when we see Him.

i have seen and talked to a very curious man ,no milk no sugar.who was very hard to read.i don,t know if it was a person looking at my suffering with great joy.i think it was that,very controlled.in practise i think was chicken boy.i don,t like evil .mysenses said later it was evil.but he came and supped with i.copying good.i hope this ends soon.
A pray a hedge of protection over you and your family brother- heh when are you going to have that little sc - SC
april next year m8.evil is after i,this is sure but my God the holy spirit and jesus my saviour won,t allow him to hurt i.iv,e been hurt enough,time to stand tall.
bit of advice be careful in who you trust to be God,the soul snatching copying evil one is shrewd.tried to take my soul,but i refused to his promises,then the tv presenters sweated as if they lost a big war.be careful people and stay focused.God won,t condemn you for making sure,patience is the key.:amen:
Find the Lord God of the bible and look no farther!
yes you are right,but you need to repent your sins to jesus,i know this from experience.and from a good heart.