I will help myself to His grace, mercy and pwer for my life.
No I can't but that was my point- I can only lean on Him with all my strenght.
can pull you out from the fire no problem.you need to help yourselves.:jesus-sign:

What are you trying to say SC ? I need Jesus in everything I do. He is the rock that I stand on ..... no one else can take away my sin and shame.
Kicking and clawing out of pit just makes the pit deeper......we can expect, because it is promised to His children, that the lifting will be gentle, on the wings of a dove...and He will raise us from our undoings, restore us to His Grace and Mercy and His spirit of Truth.....
His grace is sufficient unto the day. When we think or feel otherwise we are pit digging......smiles.....:cross:
sorry but if you don,t think before you talk ,you will get yourself into a mess,you have to help yourselves in some ways and you do this by reading scripture and living out Gods words.
our tongues

Guarding our mouths is certainly important SC.....particularily when striving to live a Chrsitian life with integrity

Proverbs speaks to the tongue and the problems we 'dig' for ourselves. Silence is golden might be a nice analogy reading Proverbs:

Proverbs 10:9 ....he who holds his tongue is wise
Proverbs 11:12...a man of undersatnding holds his tongue
Proverbs13:3 He who guards his lips, guards his life......
Proverbs21:23.......keeps himself from calamity

We need to make our words count; I find that after many years that while I am listening I pray, so that I may dwell less on what I might say, should say, or plan to say......so there is less of me and more of Him in the responses.........
It is a sticky nut, the taming and bridling of our tongues........:dance:
If by that you mean trusting Him for every beat of my heart and everybreath I take- every step I take, my foot only falling where His Spirt leads- following the cloud of Hi spresence by day and the pillar of His fire by night in total and complete dependeance on Him for the strenght and results then the answer is yes!
lol,good 1 m8,lol.by reading the bible and understanding it,then using it in our lives,is a very good step.:)