God's Blessing on you all

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God's Blessing on you all

Hello Everyone,

My name is Keith but I go by Atone which is great because Atonement fits me perfect. I'm 34, I'm a single father and I have been saved for 17 years now. I help in youth ministry and music ministry, I been playing acoustic guitar for 20+ years and love to write music to the Lord.

I Mod 123 Christian Forums and My Space forums. So I have a lot of
experience with both Christians and the secular world.

I guess this will be as good as ever to give my testimony. I was into Satanism for five years and have seen and done many things that 1) I'm not proud of and 2) most never think about. On April 4, 1991 I was at a party, I was on two hits of LSD, along with all the marijuana I was smoking and the beer I was drinking. I was invited by someone at this party to attend another party where there was live music. I told this person to hand on a sec. and I went and grabbed two Budweiser's and went out the door. We arrived at this party, where the music was jamming and the crowd was large. Just my type of place. So here I walk in with a Slayer (South Of Heaven) shirt on trying to start mosh pits. It took awhile but I noticed a lot of families where there and everyone was looking at ME! Well to make this story short, it was a Church crusade with a guest speaker 'Dwight Thompson' from TBN. He took one look at me and he came up and asked if he would pray with me. As he prayed I was laughing and making jokes out loud about praying in tongues. Pastor Skip Hetzig from Calvary Chapel also was praying for me. Now I don't know what happened. People told me I fainted, but all I know was I came to my senses and I was straight. I no longer felt the LSD, the marijuana or the beer in my system. After this I accepted Christ as my Savior. Some time later Pastor Skip came up to me and asked me if I wanted to attend Bible College? I explained I had no money for this. Pastor Skip stated he would pay for my College because he saw what great potential I had on the youth with my testimony. To this day I been Calvary Chapel's youth ministry.

This is my testimony in short. I'm glad to be here, I love to learn from people and I have a lot to offer as well. I read and write in Greek and have a lot of knowledge on End Times prophesy etc etc. Hope to have a great time here folks..

God Bless

Welcome to the forum! You have a wonderful testimony! It was a blessing to read it! I am sure you will find many friends here and lots of encouragement and edification!


Isn't God wonderful! A great testimony to the power and love of our Lord- thanks brother!:)
What a great testimony, Keith--one that God can certainly use to reach the youth who think that drugs and booze will make them happy.
Wow....God is good......with a capital G. That's wonderful and I'm so glad you are here. You give me hope for some of my loved ones who are UTTERLY lost!!! Welcome welcome........


Praise God for that wonderful testimony and give Him all the Glory. welcome to the forum and you will find a friendly buch of people here. God Bless.

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