God's Power

God's Power

Today, it was rainy - a turbulent, vicious thunderstorm. The wind was fierce; it pushed at the doors and at the foundations of the house. The rain, thrust by the invisible force, slammed against the ground and turned into a thick, grayish white mask. Thunder cracked, lightning flickered like white heat in the feeble sunlight that tried to find it's way past the massive clouds that obstructed it.

As I was reading scriptures in Job, the mentioning of the 'thunder of God's power' brought to mind the fierceness of this storm which suddenly came upon us. For the past few days, since Sunday evening, the rain was gentle and quiet. Today, it turned into some much stronger than we had imagined.

Have you ever seen the whisper of something, the very beginning, a chance glimpse? We have only seen a glimpse of God and His power, the magnitude of it which is far greater than what we could ever think it to be.

Like a thunderstorm is quick, coming when you least expect it and never knowing when it might strike again, God's power is much the same way. As thunder rumbles deep within your body, growling like a hungry lion, God's power fills you with much the same strength and magnitude as a bolt of lightning.

And just as a storm is as quick to appear as it is to disappear, God's power comes upon us and many other people when we are not even looking for it. And this power is a beautiful, awesome power, and in its path it leaves a mark that fills us with wisdom and Godly fear.

Just a storm is beautiful in its fierceness, wildness, and sheer strength, God is very much like it.

And, what is better after a storm than to see a rainbow - God's promise to never destroy the Earth again by water?