God's Reign Walks With Us

Every state and every nation, have the own boundaries;
In the world, every nation or state, have their position: latitude, longitude;
If you think about it .... every nation or state have the own ground that you can trade on !!!
There's only one Reign that have no boundaries, have no latitude or longitude but
is walking with the own people ... this is God's Reign.
In Mathew's Gospel, Jesus spoken about the Reign and teach us that if in every
situation of our life, if we trust in Lord, the Reign walks with us ...

What do you think ? How do you spend your time ? In every situations God is in the center ?
In my life I touched several times I rich the bottom but when I've thanking a Lord, the Reign ... came to me ...

PS: sorry, sorry for may English I'm learning ... if you want you can help me ! Tkn