Going bye bye...

Going bye bye...

All you have to do is say bye bye to Cooper and he's ready.

Enough already with the pictures...let's go!

Eli turned his head just as I took the shot, but you can see him in the back seat.

I love my babies.:heart:


Hey Cheri, with Boomer, he is always ready to go outside..so anytime the door lock is clicked to open the door, he stands at the door at attention as if he is posing for a pic.
Aren't dogs GREAT?? you betcha, hehehehehe.
Hahahah, they beat you and hubby to the car. Is that saying "Let's Go" or what lolololololhehehahahaha

Cooper is like "you all better come on or I'm going without you" That is too funny. If he could drive, he would have left y'all.

Thanks for sharing sister