Going Forward

Feb 27, 2014
One of my ‘heroes’ when I was a young missionary was Loren Cunningham. He is a man who has travelled to nearly every country in the world and preached the gospel in each of these countries. For me he truly epitomises the idea of taking forward the kingdom of God. When you listen to Loren speak he tells story after story about how God miraculously has moved in this world. The last time I heard him speak he told a story of how some YWAM team members went into the house of an old lady. After praying for her she got up. Then her husband came back from arranging her funeral!

When Jesus went around preaching about the Kingdom of God he did so with accompanying signs and wonders. The Jews were looking forward an earthly kingdom. Jesus was preaching about a spiritual kingdom. He used signs and wonders to show that this spiritual kingdom was more powerful than sickness, demons even the forces of nature itself. It was a taste of the fullness of the kingdom.

This kingdom was more powerful than the Roman Empire, which ruled the known world for the Jews. However the use of the power of this kingdom was not for taking lands but for convincing people of the reality of the creator God and that he wanted to be active in people’s lives.

Today there are some who teach that such miraculous signs are now longer here. Lauren, and many others who are committed to extending the kingdom where it isn’t established, know that God will works miracles today. God still wants to show people today that he is real and give people a taste of the fullness of the kingdom.

It does make me wonder how committed I am to extending Jesus’ kingdom today. How much do I trust God to use me in showing a taste of the fullness of kingdom to those who don’t know him?