Good Day, CFS Family - Praise God !

Pastor Gary

Senior Moderator and Staff Trainer
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Senior Moderator
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Good Day, CFS Family - Praise God !

As most of you know, CFS is undergoing some positive changes. We are now on a secure, dedicated hosting server at with much faster response times. The forum has been expanded to include many new topics for discussion, posting areas and fellowshipping areas. Our member viewing areas have been reconfigured a bit so brand new members have a few areas to post in and as they fellowship and interact with our established membership, more and more forum features are opened up to them. That is an incentive for our new members to post, reply and get to know the rest of our Christian family here at CFS.

God has given our Administrator, Jeff, the inspiration and guidance to provide us all with this safe and secure place on the net; to be as one in the quest for scriptural knowledge, to enjoy friendship with our fellow members and to share our thoughts with all our brothers and sisters.

You can help CFS to grow and to reach more and more persons who wish to find the type of forum environment that CFS provides. Tell your family members and friends about us... help to promote CFS, and your rewards will be many fold in knowing that you have assisted in allowing God's Word and the messages that our members share each day, to be provided to countless others.

May God Bless you and thank you for supporting CFS.

Pastor Gary

(CFS Moderator and staff trainer)