Gospel Choir sings John Lennon! Amazing! :)

30 years ago today, we lost one of the greatest musicians in a tragic death. John Lennon was murdered on December 8th, 1980. The Beatles have been one of my favourite bands and it's amazing how their music lives on through many generations and still going.

I'd like to share with you this amazing cover of "Imagine" sung by the Alabama Gospel Choir.

Give Peace a Chance!!!
Musically, I love John Lennon and the Beatles. But is it really appropriate for a Gospel Choir to sing a song that begins with "Imagine there's no Heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people, Living for today"?

I'm sure it's amazing, and as I've said I like them musically, but I've always struggled a bit with their religious beliefs and drug use.
Hmmmm. Well the whole part about the first line, the gospel choir is probably taking those words into a totally different context. Who knows? Maybe they mean it as what if there's no separation of heaven and hell....just God and all of us living in complete harmony?? That's just my little two cents.

Despite that, this version brought tears to my eyes when I was listening to this.

On a side note, did you know I once heard a Christian version of "Up Where We Belong" on a Christian radio station? lol
I've turned MANY secular songs into Christian songs and played them...including several Lennon/MacCartney songs. Still, it's an amazing rendition of an incredible song. I just often wonder if praise teams actually know what they are singing. I actually convinced mine to do "Personal Jesus" once to see if anyone would "get it". Only one person realized how inappropriate it was and actually congratulated me for pulling it off. I've matured a lot since then, but it does go to show how people don't really pay much attention.